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02 May 2016

Ministry of Justice will not design property and business now.

Ministry of Justice will not design property and business now.

Rights are now on places, reformation made the 1st of May,a transitional period walked up to the end, on expiration what management organs are under an obligation to join registers and begin to design the real estate of legal and physical persons-businessmen. The recorders of Ministry of Justice  and executive bodies now also do not engage in similar businesses.

According to Natalia Sevostyanova, that is the first deputy Of Ministry of Justice, to Single State register 662 internal organs of management and internal self-government joined now. In their number 552 district administrations and executive committees of regions of the district setting and 70 village soviets, 557  District state administration and 246 rural  state advices. Ministry of Justice officially confirmed 45 persons state . official confirmation and added 6500 notarial workers.Ministry of Justice noticed that alteration had helped to improve access to the increase of number of points on registration of property, unitization of process of registration of business.Principle of legal privileges was inculcated, what a right for registration of business appeared according to, taking no notice on a city, and to design to property within bounds of region.Possibility to submit documents in an electronic kind appeared also, the list of the required papers for registration and duration of registration diminished.Most important dignity of reform, this introduction of administrative appeal of verdict of recorders.

Like position gave a right to Ministry of Justice and independent commission quickly to react on violations of recorders without a court.N. Sevostyanova noticed, that along with rights into places passed the finances prepaid by citizens for registration of the real estate, or business. A percent from services passes straight to the budgets of city, and gives a right to apply them on the personal needs of society.


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